Conditions of insurance

Unless otherwise agreed, all rental prices will automatically be subject to a 6% surcharge to cover

The amount will be charged at the same time as payment of the rental on orderconfirmations and
Invoices in separate line. If insurance is not applied, the equipment is not covered.

The insurance covers:
Damage or loss of the rented equipment caused by damage, destruction or theft.
In cars, however, is Max. Coverage of DKR 15,000, – (the equipment must be in the locked boot).
The insurance covers all areas in Denmark excl. The Faroe Islands and Greenland.

The insurance does not cover:

  • Outside Denmark (unless otherwise agreed directly with DVC)
  • Scratches and damage to screens
  • Loss occurred due to Gross negligence of the tenant
  • Damage occurred due to Self-inflicted intoxication.
  • Moneyloss or other indirect result of the injury/damaged equipment.
  • If the tenant does not comply with the insurance conditions.
  • Missing equipment when returning.
  • Damage inflicted by third parties
  • Simple theft

Duties of Insured:
It is a condition that the insured items are stored reassuringly (possibly Locked
In a locked room/depot or under surveillance) and that the insured person is being diligent.

Damage and theft must be reported to the Danish Video centre immediately after damage.
At the same time, the tenant must complete the claim and in case of theft, notify the
police, after which the receipt for the notification must be handed over to the DVC.
This is a prerequisite for the insurance to cover the damage.

Excess/Own risk: DKK 5,000,-+ VAT per item (however, Max DKK 25,000,-+ VAT per event).

The claim can be downloaded here