Events and other special events

For large corporate events and introductions, creativity – even more so than in everyday life – must go hand in hand with the technique. The good experience arises from the unnoticed presence of high-class technology and “invisible”, well-dressed technicians who carry the show through with meticulous precision.

A larger company presentation often involves multiple departments and people in DVC. For example, there are decorations, decorations and flowers that need to be illuminated correctly. A cosy atmosphere is to be created, despite the fact that you are perhaps 5000 people in the same room.
Sound should be able to reproduce speakers, orchestras, background music, etc. The big screen should show what’s happening on the scene without having to exert yourself or have the feeling of missing something.
DVC solves these tasks. We are with the organizer’s first big gestures-over the demanding meetings between floral decorators, catering staff, technicians, artists and organizers-for the last cable rolled out into the trucks.