Live streaming of meetings, webcast and education

Companies today must ensure that their messages reach customers and employees, no matter where they are

We are all busy in everyday life and therefore need a tool for quick communication. Therefore, streaming via the Internet has become more and more common when messages need to be spread (nationally or internationally), whether it be conference, internal meetings or teaching.

Live streaming of a conference allows you to effectively communicate information. People who do not have the opportunity to be physically present can now still be part of the conference.

led wall module
led wall module
  • Time saving

  • Compatible with PC, Tablet and mobile

  • Safe


Live streaming a meeting avoids all parties having to be physically present, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

As there is cooperation across national and international borders today, it may be impossible for everyone to meet at the same time in the same place. Therefore, a live streaming of a meeting can be a good solution to that challenge. We make sure that audio and video from the meeting are streamed in good quality so that it can easily be followed on both PC, tablet and mobile.

In the case of a confidential meeting, we naturally have the opportunity to lock the session with a password, so that only selected participants have the opportunity to follow.


Training of new employees and / or customers in new products, for example, has become a more complicated task today as it has become more difficult to find time for this, especially if it also requires transport to participate. Streaming allows you to produce the education, upload it, and then let the “students” stream the education when they have the time and excess to receive the learning.

It can also be, for example, the HRM department in your company, needs to ensure that all employees have access to, for example, internal policies, code of conduct etc. It is also obvious to allow internal and external employees to stream it.

led wall module
led wall module

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