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Service of AV equipment for businesses

Minimize the risk of breakdown of AV equipment.
Dansk Video Center offers several service agreements, through which we maintain the company’s existing AV setup.

Choose the perfect service package for your needs!

Flex service


/pr. måned
  • No monthly subscription.
  • Security for the customer with the agreement and the possibility of a telephone hotline.
  • All services are billed according to consumption.
  • All equipment is marked with DVC service telephone number.
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Basis service

From 999 dkk DKK

/pr. måned
  • Subscription
  • Hotline weekdays at 7.00-16.00
  • On-site debugging that starts within 2 business days.
  • Replacement of defective parts invoiced according to consumption.
  • Driving
  • Wages
  • Assembly and disassembly if necessary which includes workshop service.
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Plus service (Supplement to Basic service)

From 499 dkk DKK

/pr. måned
  • Extended warranty up to 36 months on equipment purchased from DVC
  • Error correction within 8 working hours weekdays at 7.00-15.00
  • Necessary spare parts except wearing parts

Ekstra service(Supplement to Plus service)

From 899 dkk DKK

/pr. måned
  • Borrowing equipment
  • Hotline every day at 7.00-21.00
  • Annual service inspection, including function check and cleaning of air and light paths.
  • Wear parts, evt. filters and bulbs.
  • Software debugging.
  • Installing individual software

Contact us and hear how we can best help you achieve your vision. We are happy to help with questions about everything from the technical to the visual.

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Get the right service agreement

Breakdown of the AV equipment always happens at an inconvenient time. Fortunately, you can guard against errors and crashes with a service agreement with DVC.

We offer several types of service, which you can read about below.

Flex service: A service solution for the company that wants to contact us when the defect has occurred. With Flex service, you only have costs in connection with repairing the damage. It is therefore a convenient solution for you who want a hotline for an expert in case of a crash.

When setting up, we review all existing equipment and note what type of equipment the company uses. It enables us to act quickly if an accident occurs. We equip the company’s products with small labels with contact info. It enables the employee to contact DVC in a split second and get a technician on the case as soon as possible.

Subscription agreements: We offer subscription in three variants. We offer the service packages Basic Service, Plus Service and Extra Service . The packages contain various benefits – that you can match with your business needs.

Thus, you can choose everything from the basic solution to the ultimate service agreement with backup equipment, hotline all days of the week from kl. 7.00 – 21.00, annual inspection, replacement of parts etc.

Please see our packages below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us .

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