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Video production

Dansk Video Center helps you with everything from traditional video production,
as commercials or profile films to live video or recordings of meetings etc.

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Video production for your needs

Benefit from experts who have many years of experience in working with camera and video as well as editing. Regardless of your requirements for the video type and production quality, Dansk Video Center delivers the solution as your professional partner.

Among other things, we help with big screen production, editing and recording of meetings, etc.

Especially at larger events, we can contribute with big screen production, which gives the audience in the hall a better opportunity to see what is going on on stage and create interaction.

Our remote cameras make it possible to make efficient multi-shot productions, which give a good and vivid effect on the screen. The big screen production can of course be combined with live streaming, so that the audience and customers outside the hall can also follow along.

Professional editing is the icing on the cake

We like to refine the perfect shots when they are immortalized as video. Editing is ideal for eg:

  • Commercial
  • Documentation from meetings
  • Atmosphere movies from exhibitions or events

We offer editing with e.g. association of logo and titles in the video. It ensures a professional quality that you can use on your website or social media.

Kamera ved live-event

We are happy to help with the important recordings

The footage is by definition the most essential part of a video. We are happy to help capture them in a professional manner.

Have your meeting documented, or use us to interview presenters, debaters and others for your event.

We make sure that you’ll get the right shots based on your ambitions and vision.

Contact us to hear more about video production.

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We can help you with everything from meeting rooms to events. Contact us and hear what we can do for you.

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Where's the event?

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