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The right lighting is fundamental when establishing a focal point.
Professional light production can highlight people and products as well as work with moods.

We provide lighting set-up for conferences, trade fairs, video recordings, live streaming and much more!

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Professional lighting for events, exhibitions, conferences and video

Imagine following an event from a cold and dark scene. No, right? Light creates life and energy. Therefore, it is strictly necessary to give the audience a proper experience.

Dansk Video Center provides professional lighting for meetings, conferences, events, exhibitions, trade fairs and video recording.

Proper lighting setup allows you to focus and create moods. Therefore, the light is an essential part of the production, it shapes the audience’s impression and ensures their support for the event.

Get a light production for your needs

The visual expression is alpha and omega. Even a small change in lighting can completely change the look. At Dansk Video Center, we help you frame the light spot-on. We can help with:

Exhibition, fairs and conference – Get light, sound and AV equipment for your needs. We help with small and large scale events – with advice and setup. We contribute with extensive experience from both Danish and international events.

Video Production – Whether it is live streaming, video conferencing or a production of marketing material, etc., we can cover you all the way. Get help to create the right atmosphere – and get the professional production you deserve.

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We can help you with everything from meeting rooms to events. Contact us and hear what we can do for you.

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