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Set a high standard for your corporate event. We provide sound, light and video.

Get thorough advice, the correct equipment as well as setup and dismantling of equipment.


DVC delivers the good experience

Let us design the very special technical framework, which gives your guests a fantastic experience. Large corporate events are often there to captivate and pamper your guests, and we’ll help you with that.

When Dansk Video Center is responsible for the show, you can enjoy an impressive cocktail of the right sound (microphones and speakers), the right lighting and beautiful pictures on big screens or projectors. In addition, we offer to immortalize the event with professional video production or livestream the entire event.

We go to great lengths to deliver the best experience, where the unnoticed presence of technology in the highest class – and skilled technicians – creates a festive setting.

Take advantage of our extensive experience and get an excellent production

Large events and company events require a high degree of experience and professionalism. Therefore, several of our departments and employees are typically involved at the same time.

Just think about the many details that has to work:

  • Decoration and flowers that need to be properly lit.
  • There must be an atmosphere of coziness and presence – despite the fact that there may be 5000 people in the same room!
  • The sound must be able to enhance speakers, orchestra, background music, etc.
  • The big screen should show what’s happening on stage – without any effort to keep up.

All this requires great experience and attention to detail. We bring more than 35 years of industry experience, and help create harmony between technique, decorations, artists and much more.

Join us for advice from the start and get a professional AV solution for your event. Contact us for a no-obligation talk about your next event.

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