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Interpreting system

Get the latest solutions in interpreting systems.
We provide both the professional advice and the quality equipment.


Interpreter productions and interpreter boxes

Do not let language become a barrier. We supply interpreter productions for both large and small setups. We have the solution for 1:1 interpretation, as well as for large meetings and gatherings with participants from different countries.

Dansk Video Center has the world’s leading products and interpreting boxes – with room for 2 or 3 people. The interpreter boxes are equipped with ventilation, a table and light, so the interpreters have the best working conditions.

Please note that our solutions are modular and flexible, so we can adapt the design to the environment in question.

Simultaneous interpretation

Need an interpreting solution for an international audience? Dansk Video Center provides simultaneous interpretation into several different languages.

Of course, we design the production specifically as needed – and make sure that it is as user-friendly as possible for both interpreters and guests.

If there is no room for an interpreter box, we also offer Sennheiser’s whisper interpreter system (tour guide system). This is suitable for tours or smaller meetings.

Contact us to hear how we can help break the language barrier.

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