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Congresses and conferences

We supply professional equipment for congresses and conferences. Expect competent guidance and help with all the details that create the experience and make the event a success.

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Professional solutions for congress and conference

Let DVC be responsible for the technical setup that gets your messages across the stage to the conference or congress.

We help with advice, equipment, assembly and subsequent disassembly after your event. We provide the technical framework for your needs – from Internet cafés in the foyer to large screens, professional sound setups, interpreting systems, live streaming, video conferencing systems and much more!

Over 35 years of experience ensures you a competent partner with a completely unique level of equipment. It is your guarantee for tailor-made solutions, where everyone can see what is going on and who is speaking – as well as clearly hear what is being said.

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We can help you with everything from meeting rooms to events. Contact us and hear what we can do for you.

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Hvor afholdes arrangementet?

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You are more than welcome to call one of our three locations. We are always ready to guide you, or help at your location if it is urgent.