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Video conference

Virtual meeting spaces has become more important than ever.
Get the framework for audiovisual two-way communication facilitated by professional AV equipment.

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Livesending med DVC

DVC helped organize a virtual conference with 18 presentations spread over 3 virtual stages. In addition to filming the presentations, they also handled live connections from several presenters and made sure that it was all streamed out to our participants. Everything worked – DVC is professional and we had peace of mind – both before and during the conference.

In addition to having control of the technical aspect during the actual event, DVC was an indispensable partner for us in the preparation of the conference. DVC were good at understanding our ideas, but also at challenging us and helping to elevate the whole concept of the conference. DVC was not “just” a technical supplier – they were an indispensable partner and deserve a great deal of credit for the conference being a success.

Vært på Livestream

Andreas Bach-Laursen

Lektor, IBA Kolding

A video conferencing system gives you real-time audio and visual two-way communication in HD quality. All the while you can simultaneously share PowerPoint, video clips and other important information.

The connection is simple and takes place via your local internet connection. It has never been easier to create professional meetings and conferences across time and place!

Meet your colleagues and customers virtually

Video conferences often takes place in closed systems, where presentations, teaching, information sharing and dialogue can take place clearly and distinctly – regardless of physical distances or time zones.

Dansk Video Center helps companies find and implement the equipment that makes the virtual meeting room as rewarding as the physical.

Forget about the hours wasted on transportation or costly travel. Instead, get a user-friendly connection point with images that capture body language and facial features, while clear sound conveys every single word.

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Kamera ved live-event

Avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations – say it as it is!

A famous communication quote reads: The media is the message . And unfortunately, it is often the case that our daily communication via email or phone gives rise to misunderstandings. Because the medium allows for interpretive possibilities.

The advantage of video conferences is, among other things, that you can read body language and capture all the nuances that help to establish the message. That – and the ability to read the other party’s reaction in the conversation – removes the room for interpretation, creates clarity and gives the meeting its real value.

All of this is noticeable without the need to be physically present. It not only saves the company money on travel costs, but gives the employee time for his core tasks and the opportunity for better balance between work and private life.

NB! Virtual meetings and video conferencing can, of course, be digitally saved and shared with relevant stakeholders.

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