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We provide a complete solution for live streaming from the pharmaceutical industry.

Expect competent guidance from our skilled technicians.

DVC tekniske hold til Medical

We’ll help you achieve your goals

Our skilled Medical team are experts in livestreaming and hospital recordings.

We’ll help with advice, equipment, installation and subsequent running your event. We provide the technical framework for your needs – so you don’t have to worry about the technical setups and challenges.

It is important that the images are crystal clear when broadcasting live from an operating room. The participants sit at home in front of the screen, and must be able to clearly see what is happening inside the operation room, as well as which instruments are used. Therefore, DVC guarantees the best quality, where audio, video, recording and transmission run smoothly.

Professional transmission from an operating room

DVC specialize in broadcasting directly from operating rooms. We have developed the technical expertise in connecting to the graphic hospital equipment, so that i.a. binocular, x-ray & ultrasound images can be viewed directly on the livestream.

DVC has been live from hospitals in both Denmark and Sweden, and has broadcasted to thousands of participants around the world.

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Watch our MEDICAL video here 

You can see our setup right here. 

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