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Fairs & Exhibitions

Take an exhibition or fair to the next level.
We drown out the noise by setting up digital frameworks that match your needs and zoom in on your messages and products.

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We can help with perfect planning and execution

Large exhibitions and fairs are often characterized by a hectic atmosphere. Fortunately, with DVC as your professional partner we can handle your entire AV setup.

We offer all the equipment you need in your communication and product presentation: Plasma screens, wireless microphones, interactive information stands, video players, computers and entire sound and light systems, etc.

Because we know you expect perfectionism and proper aesthetics, we are happy to customize the design in collaboration with any decorators and advertising agencies. It ensures a perfect reflection of products and image.

We are of course involved all the way in advising, planning and executing the AV equipment for your exhibition. At larger exhibitions, we even offer technicians who start up the technology of the stands before the exhibition opens.

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We can help you with everything from meeting rooms to events. Contact us and hear what we can do for you.

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Where's the event?

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You are more than welcome to call one of our three locations. We are always ready to guide you, or help at your location if it is urgent.